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Jerry Boda Named One of America's Top Financial Planners Nine Consecutive Years by The Consumers Research Council of America

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Jerry Boda, CFP is Ranked 5th in the Nation by SunAmerica Securities, Inc. - 2003

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In 2003, Jerry Boda, CFP was honored for his hard work and dedication as a trusted financial advisor by SunAmerica Securities Inc. Jerry ranked 5th in the nation based on sales production making him part of the coveted Baker's Dozen. What distinguishes this honor over all others is that Jerry earned this honor during one of the worst periods in our nation's history, 2002.

During a period of contraction in our industry, while many financial advisors are struggling to keep clients and develop new client relationships, Jerry's
reputation as a trusted advisor and client advocate for almost two decades has paved the way for potential future growth. On October 31, 2005
SunAmerica Securities Inc. became AIG Financial Advisors Inc.

2013 Congratulations Letter from Osaic Wealth, Inc.

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