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Kenneth  Evans

Kenneth Evans

IT Consultant - Manager Information Technology

Kenneth is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Biochemistry. Since 1984, he has been an IT Consultant to the Boda Financial Group.

Kenneth is responsible for administering, optimizing and supporting the internal infrastructure. Kenneth also, researches, recommends and implements new hardware and software to increase efficiency; as well as, monitors and supports internal network security and analyzes and resolves network and server connectivity issues.

Kenneth Evans is not affiliated nor registered with Osaic Wealth, Inc.


** Be assured Mr. Boda will never delegate the responsibility of advising or counseling you on any of your financial matters to one of his staff members. However, it is important to understand the value of each team member of our firm. Mr. Boda delegates all administrative tasks to his highly skilled team members. The team has been highly trained to handle all your customer service needs (withdrawals, paperwork, questions regarding statements, changes of address, etc.)

Delegating these tasks benefits you because it allows Mr. Boda to concentrate on what he does best which is to spend his time meeting with clients to advise them on their issues & concerns and to spend the other portion of the day keeping an eye on your investments and researching tax law changes that affect you & your money.